Blue Manna Contracting is experienced in delivering exceptional project management services to the engineering and construction industry.

We apply a detailed project management process to all areas of construction, regardless of the size and complexity of the task.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in project management of various small and large engineering projects, effectively coordinating and controlling day-to-day activities of the works.

We are highly skilled in appraising buildings in cases where the structure has become degraded; investigating structural defects and recommending repairs; managing tenders; and administering works contracts.

Other project management services we offer include:

  • Documenting works for costing, tender and construction
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project planning and successful delivery
  • Safety management, site engineering and construction management
  • Detailed planning and estimating
  • Engineering design
  • Developing and implementing HSE plans
  • Work method statements
  • Establishing policies and procedures

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